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Business Travel

If you travel for business, or your company is interested in our services for your business travel management, please contact our corporate manager, Sue Shimkus .

Our highly trained travel professionals offer the highest quality service and efficiency in all aspects of corporate travel. We will work to provide the best choice for airline reservations, accommodations, and vehicle rentals, and provide the most efficient choices and alternatives for time and cost-savings in all areas. We can provide any type of report to help you track and organize your travel expenses. In addition to our airline based reservation system, we search all web-fares and sites and can do in minutes what your busy corporate travelers spend valuable hours researching on the internet.

We have several corporate service levels and will be happy to discuss the options that would best fit your needs.


 Complete our corporate questionnare and receive our free report "Reasons why working with a professional travel management company makes the most sense when booking reservations for company employees"


Remember, without a travel agent, you're on your own.